Spa: How to fight against humidity in the room?

Buying hot tubs is a new trend right now. As the spa rate is very accessible, everyone now wants to get it. If you also want to benefit from all the advantages that a relaxation equipment can give you, you must first take into account a few criteria. Indeed, having a spa is good, but the choice of its location does not make it easy for you. The spa can, in fact, be placed outdoors as well as indoors. If it's on the outside, everything is pretty easy but in the event that its location will be inside your house, that's where it all gets complicated. If you want to place your equipment in the house, it is essential that the room in which you are going to install it is very well ventilated or that it maintains a reasonable level of humidity.

How to measure the humidity of the room?

The first thing you need to do is measure the humidity level in the room first. For this you will need a hygrometer. Normally, this rate should not exceed 70% and even less go down to 60%. The risk that must be taken by installing a spa inside the house is to have a higher rate than normal. Indeed, if the humidity level is high, it can cause a lot of material damage but also health. This is why it makes more sense to keep this rate at a reasonable level.

How to decrease the humidity in the room?

After having measured the humidity of the room, you notice that the rate is higher, you must at all costs do everything to reduce it. There are two solutions for this: either you use a manual dehumidifier, or you choose an electric dehumidifier. The latter is the most effective and the most used in this type of situation. However, the price is quite high because to have a quality product, you must allow between 300 and 3000 euros depending on the size of your room.


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