The Jacuzzi is only for those over 18 years old

In all spa centers or hotels, the jacuzzis is only for those over 18 years of age. I understand that it can annoy many people but this rule has reason to be, unfortunately there are tragic accidents ... the little ones are our treasures and taking care of them is our obligation, enjoying moments with them safely is the main thing.

Here are several explanations to understand it:

Children's body temperature is different from that of adults, their system to regulate is slower
The supervision of an adult is ESSENTIAL, only a few seconds is necessary for an accident to occur
Hot water can warm the head
The child will want to submerge his head under water ... and it is not recommended
Enjoying a relaxing moment in an outdoor jacuzzi is at a price to enjoy a magical moment with your partner: with glasses of champagne, romantic music, colored candles and having fun with adults, what better idea to spend Valentine's Day! It is also recreating with friends or family to relax with people we love.

Many establishments around the world offer the concept "adults only" that offer quality services, leisure and fun to enjoy a unique romantic getaway. Well now ... savor that moment in the privacy of your home! It will not be necessary to spend money and anticipate weekends in advance. With a jacuzzi at home, the surprise can be every day and at all hours; each time it will be different. A great way to get the couple out of the routine.

The virtues are several: general well-being, improves circulation, relieves pain and tension, reduces muscle tension, removes stress, total relaxation, eliminates toxins ...

The Jacuzzi (tub for sale) is only for adults because only they can use it correctly: without having any kind of problem and without doing things that should not be done.


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